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Sponsor Us!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Lycée Franco-Américain, as the school is presently seeking individual and corporate sponsors. Know that your investment in LFA uniquely prepares children to fluently communicate in multiple languages and better understand our multicultural world. The school is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible.

By Check, make payable to LYCEE FRANCO AMERICAIN, Please include your contact information so that the school may acknowledge receipt for your tax records. If applicable, include any "in honor of" or "in remembrance of" designations you would like to make. 

Your personal contact information will not be shared with any party outside our school, except as required by law. In order for the school to send acknowledgement of your gift for your tax records, your contact information is needed. The Lycée Franco-Américain would like to acknowledge your leadership investment, but if you would like to make your contribution anonymously or choose to designate a beneficiary, please make a notation indicating such.

All investments and contributions, unless otherwise designated, will be assigned to the general fund. Monies in this fund will be applied, in part, to operating costs which includes faculty and administration compensation. In the future, the school will set up funds targeted for special purposes, such as need-based scholarships, facilities, and technology improvements. Please contact the school for help in establishing or contributing to a fund of particular interest to you or your family: the arts, athletics, the library, technology, math, science, or other academic areas.


The following individuals, companies and organizations share a common belief that all children are talented, and if given the proper stimulation and a nurturing environment, they will achieve their greatest potential. They value the importance of an international education that fosters discovery and critical thinking among our youth. Their patronage help us to continue providing educational excellence and enriching opportunities to our students. As partners in education, we thank them for their continued support and generosity.

  • C.J., Website Designer, Website Maintenance & IS consulting (nous parlons français),
  • Mrs. Picot who has made financial contributions to the library funds,
  • Starbucks & Co located on Griffin Road and University,
  • Addoma Consulting: Mr. Turner, licensed contractor, who volunteered as a consultant to renovate our campus,
  • Mr. Echeverry,, for the donation of the computers in the library, and his contribution to the upgrade of our new facility,
  • Dale and Robin Baker for the use and free access to the Learning Today program,The Club-Optimist Can-Am who has donated $1,000 to purchase French books for the Media Center.
  • The Club Optimist Can-Am is an organization that supports children in our community,
  • Members of the Parent Advisory Board who are donating their time and resources in organizing fun activities for our students, parents and faculty,
  • The Executive Council: Their guidance, selfless interest, unconditional support and generous contributions are helping Lycée Franco-Américain school to provide a solid educational foundation to our students.

To contribute to the development of our school, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (954) 237-0356.


Last updated: 8/1/2013