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Our program

We offer a two-way immersion program in which students are expected to perform at or above grade level in French and in English.
Lycée Franco-Américain is a private two-way immersion language school from pre-K to 5th grade that offers instruction in French and English.
To insure their academic success, the curriculum adapts itself to our students' levels throughout the academic school year. The academic program is enhanced by personalized enrichment academies. Our pogram is structured as follows :

  • LEARNING PROGRAM: This core concept curriculum allows students to concentrate on the main academic subjects, i.e. Language, Arts, Science, Mathematics, and Social Science.
  • ENRICHMENT ACADEMY: is tailored to offer students various enrichment opportunities. Students are admitted to different academies based on their needs.
    The linguistic Academy: our multilingual curriculum (English, French and Spanish) encourages students to develop their multiple linguistic abilities.
    The Performing Arts and Fine Arts Academy: Includes drama, dance, and a comprehensive music curriculum with theory and composition.